eCommerce in Poland

Polish eCommerce market is worth about PLN 36 billion. The market is about to grow at a two-digit rate in 2017. The analysts forecast that the whole industry will increase by 15% and reach PLN 35.8 billion. The number of online stores will rise by 7% to exceed 23.5 thousand.

According to the analysts, the Polish market will grow at least until 2020. As a result, e-commerce will constitute 10% of the whole trading industry by the end of the decade. - In 2020 we will break the PLN 63 billion barrier and the number of online stores operating in Poland will exceed 30 thousand.

There are over 12 thousand online stores in Poland. The most popular shopping site in Poland is Other popular online stores in Poland are Olx, Zalando, ebay, Ceneo, Aliexpress, Amazon, Empik, Bonfrix, Otomoto, Gratka, Gumtree, Ole ole, eObuwie, Morele, Tesco, Domodi, Merlin, Mediaexpert.

The pace the Polish eCommerce market grows at is not that unique. According to the analysts, global markets will record a two-digit growth rate too. As eMarketer analysts forecast, in 2016 the global industry will grow by 18.6%, i.e. from USD 1.6 trillion to USD 1.9 trillion. This year’s eCommerce share in the global trade will amount to 7.4% (vs. 6.7% in 2015) with the main sector contributors being China and the United States controlling about 55% of the market. Eventually, China will outdistance the United States and be hailed the global e-commerce leader. According to eMarketer analysts, in 2018 China will control 40% of global e-commerce and its market will be worth more than one trillion dollars.

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